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What We Do

Crowdfunding Services is the leading advertising company which specializes in promotion of your crowdfunding campaign. We have positioned ourselves as an industry leader for 5 years, breaking through the chaos and emerging as the complete solution for all crowdfunding campaigns marketing needs. Crowdfunding Services allows Crowdfunders to access highly engaged consumers’ world leading websites, empowering you to reach massive new audiences across our network of premium sites. With Crowdfunding Services’ site transparency, crowdfunders can target the most relevant potential contributors, leading to maximized user engagement and campaign performance. We have been providing innovative solutions to projects creators since the very beginning of the crowdfunding industry. We offer a wide range of organizational and media outreach tools to enhance your crowdfunding campaign results. With Crowdfunding-Services you will:

  • Maximize Press Coverage for your crowdfunding project,
  • Leverage content to engage with your key audiences,
  • Build the trust and bring contributors to fund your project,
  • Get in touch with the leading industry online influencers and decision-makers,
  • Go viral on Social Networks,
  • Identify, engage and convince your audience thanks to our contributor outreach templates,
  • Learn how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign step by step by reading our exclusive eBook,
  • Get featured in the main search engines and prominent crowdfunding websites,

Crowdfunding is, first of all, an internet phenomenon. That is why you need web professionals to help you run your crowdfunding campaign promotion and bring the right people to your crowdfunding page. Off-line events are important and we are sure you can manage it those by yourselves. But when it comes to planning a marketing strategy on the Internet and to implementing it in the most possible effective way, you should know that YOU can count on US.

Who We Are

We empower people around the world to reach their financial goals and turn their projects into reality. We have more than 15 years of successful achievements in the internet world whether it is in the fields of Crowdfunding Campaign Strategy and Management, Professional Writing, Public Relations, or Social Media Marketing. Our experience in online marketing has led us to develop the first and unique Press release solution dedicated to crowdfunding.

We are certain we can help you with your Crowdfunding Projects.

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